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Christina Curry: Our yogi angel shares her
favourite ways to feel “well” in Milan

From the bright lights of NYC to the jungles of Bali to the cobble-stoned streets of Milan, Christina’s extraordinary journey thus far is a testament to her adventurous spirit. A yoga teacher with over 20 years of hands-on experience around the world, Christina is passionate about guiding her students to truly embody the power of the mind/body connection, always leading with the heart first to deliver a practice that is a conscious experience in ritual, togetherness and practicality. Of course, we had to take advantage of this bright, beautiful star of a spiritual resource, and have had the privilege of hosting multiple movement meditations led by Christina and J.J. in our store’s Sacred Grotta, including a Gratitude Activation just this past Thanksgiving. After 13 years here in Milan, it’s safe to say Christina knows her way around the wellness world here - scroll for her favourite people, places and things in Milan for finding your most fabulous self. CHRISTINA CURRY: I moved to Milan in November 2010. I wanted to see how life in Italy would feel after spending 8 years living, learning, and teaching in the jungles of Bali, the Himalayan mountains of Bhutan, the serenity of the Maldives, the Islands of Thailand, and the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. I had studied and taught and searched my inner world and the depths of my childhood and now I was in search of the city that felt energetically aligned with where I was at and where I wanted to go. Life took me to Milan and the vibration of this small, international village/city took me by surprise. I felt I could call Milan home immediately; I felt a pull and a connection to this place. Milan held me as I started a new life, built a new business, and courted my husband. This city nurtured me as I became a mother of two children. I love teaching in my community and feel a true, heartfelt connection to Italian people. I love the many ways that they embrace life through beauty, food, culture, and friendship. I feel grateful to have learnt how to mother here. I love raising my children in a culture that appreciates elegance, slow food, beauty, and community. Here are some of the people, experiences and offerings that keep me feeling healthy, inspired and at ease.

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Ben Thai – traditional Thai Massage Heaven

After living in Thailand and having the ability to seek out the best Thai therapists, I am quite picky. I found this authentic, Thai massage center around the corner from my home and the Thai women that work there have seen me through it all - they are my go-to gals when I am feeling tight or tense.
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Valentina Dolci – My go-to reset DETOX program

For the past 20 years I have experimented with various detoxes and nutritional cleanses to reset my energy, mental clarity, digestive system, and my relationship with food. I love to detox every January and every September, after holiday periods where it can be easy to get off track. My goto reset detox for the past few years is a a plant based, keto, small portion, 4-day detox created by Valentina Dolci (a nutrition coach) and Doctor Paolo Toniolo (a Functional Medicine Doctor). a plant based, keto, small portion, 4-day detox. This is a gem of a detox program to have available in our city.
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Coral – my go-to, feel good, want to put
A smile on a girlfriend’s face flower shop

When I was a little girl, my dream was to open a flower shop. Coral conjures up that dream every time I walk through their doors. It is a beautifully curated shop created by two friends that offers flowers, candles, sage sticks, and beautiful handmade floral gifts. They are incredibly hard-working and yet when I walked in to talk to them about this city guide, they were sitting down to a midday glass of rosso and a big steaming plate of pasta pomodoro, which I have mad respect for.
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Recharge your inner light with
A Chromotherapy session alla Isabel Roca

If you feel that you need to raise your vibration or ground your crazy, anxiety-prone energy, Isabel is the therapist you want to go to. She uses light and color to fine-tune your energy bodies to create balance and a deep sense of wellbeing. She will offer information that allows for a deeper understanding of your true self, your current reality and any challenging areas in your life are lit with valuable insight. She will shine your specific light color into your cells in acupuncture points, meridians or chakras to balance your energy and calm your nervous system at the same time. You leave feeling as though a massive weight has been lifted.
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Meditate in Churches

The incredible, beautiful churches sprinkled around the city have been a calm haven for me. I pop into a church when I want to pause the busy-ness of life or ground myself through meditation between clients or errands. No matter what denomination you relate to, if any, Milan’s churches have served as a place of devotion, ritual, hope, prayer and intention to everyone that enters, and you can feel that energy when you walk through the doors. Take time to visit, feel, sit in silence, meditate and/or offer a prayer in these beautiful vessels.

Festina Lente – my favorite non-toxic, vegan,
female-run, sustainable, hand made in Milan candle shop

Look no further, I have found the best candles in the city! I have avoided burning candles in my home for years because I could not find a non-toxic, fragrant candle that I could feel good about lighting. This is an empowered, woman-run business that sources the cotton wicks in Novara, the plastic-free packaging as well as the glass from Veneto, and they hand pour the candles in her atelier in Isola. She will even refill your candles for you at half the cost.
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Cultivate childlike joy in Milan’s modern park
Biblioteca Degli Alberi

This was the park where my baby boy first touched grass after our long lockdown post covid. This park is constantly offering special experiences to our community and is filled with children laughing, running and playing. I love to sit under the stunning willow trees and marvel at my kid’s and other kids’ ability to express, create, imagine and spread joy. By watching and remembering we can then work to find that childhood wisdom inside of us and work to live a little more joyfully and playfully
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Grab a to-go matcha at Moko’s Matcha

Hands down the best matcha in Milan. Green tea is full of antioxidants and gives a spark to your step without the caffeine crash that coffee can give. I started drinking matcha during a detox where I challenged myself to get off of coffee but I wanted something to look forward to in the morning. Here, they make their own sugar free almond milk on the spot if you want to make it a latte. If you are not on a detox – try the azuki bean matcha mochi, delicious!
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San Marco Market

I love visiting this cultural ICON of a market. The produce, the flower stalls, the fish counter where my husband had his first job as a young boy, the Sciura-watching, the community vibe, the chic cashmere stalls, the fashion that seemed to have fallen off the back of a truck just for you to buy – this is definitely one of the places in Milan that brings me JOY. The effortless cool, the readiness of light banter, the warm heartedness of it all will have you feeling like a local in no time.

Via San Marco

Grazie mille Christina!