La DoubleJ x Ladurée

Introducing our delectable collaboration with the prestigious Parisian pâtisserie, Ladurée. Spanning homeware to tabletop and - of course! - beautiful macaron boxes, this spirit-boosting collection lands just in time for bountiful spring awakenings and al fresco tea parties with your beloveds.


Sets of seven and fourteen macarons housed in La DoubleJ's exquisitely printed collector boxes are available at Laduré

Acqua di Parma

You could say that La DoubleJ’s latest vibration-raising partnership is less a meeting of minds, more a meeting of spirits. While J.J. has long been a religious tea-sipper at Ladurée’s world-class maison as a fashion journalist covering the Paris shows three times a year, it is the pâtisserie’s bountiful sense of joie de vivre that so appealed to this life-long optimist.

“What I love about Ladurée is that it is so cheerful, so sophisticated, so rigorously perfect, with a sense of optimism and joy in everything they do.”
- J.J.

Celebrating femininity and empowering women - another thing the brands have in common: Ladurée with its work with Women’s Aid and Madame de Pompadour inspiration; LDJ with its commitment to fashion that makes women feel good - was the spark to ignite a collection that was meaningful as well as maximalist. “When Ladurée approached me they were taken with La DoubleJ’s Goddess collection and the connection we were making to energetic and spiritual aspects.” says J.J. “Together we wanted to explore the mother earth figure and all aspects of motherhood - nurturing, shepherding, creating, whether you are male or female, a mother or not - in an appreciation of feminine energy.”

To represent this sacred feminine energy, the LDJ team designed the Tree Of Life print, an evocative verdant artwork featuring bursting blooms to remind us of the importance of the seasonality of life, butterflies to signify rebirth, and the mother of it all - the tree - to represent fertile abundance. Ladurée are no strangers to color and symbolism; the color palette features the maison’s iconic pistachio green, which represents nature, femininity, sweetness, and hope, and sweet rose pink (timeless love, eternal youth), and comes together to capture the joyful and optimistic passion that you love our prints for.

We amped the symbolism up a notch for our beloved Dessert Plates, available to mix and match as you desire in sets of two or six. Each is emblazoned with a different artwork - a woven motif to symbolize the sacred feminine circle, a bursting rose to symbolize the seed of life (the start of new beginnings) - destined to become the topic conversation at your next girl gang gathering, which happens to be exactly what this collection is all about celebrating. 

“The ritual of taking tea together and being creative in the kitchen is about a sense of togetherness,” adds J.J., who will never say “non” to a cup of spicy Yogi Tea and a pistachio macaron. “At a time where togetherness is more and more important, it’s key to surround yourself with things that can be shared and bring beauty to those moments.”

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